What is the difference between Parked Domain and Addon Domain?

What is the difference between parked domains and addon domains? Parked domains and addon domains are both concepts related to web hosting, but they serve different purposes and function in distinct ways. Understanding these differences is crucial for effectively managing your web presence.

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What is Parked Domain? (Also Known as Domain Aliases)

  1. Purpose: Parked domains are used to reserve a domain name for future use or to protect your brand. They are not associated with a unique website. Instead, they typically point to a placeholder web page or an existing website.
  2. Redirection: A parked domain usually redirects users to the primary domain. For example, if example.net is parked on example.com, visiting example.net will take the user to example.com.
  3. SEO Impact: Since parked domains redirect to the primary domain, they do not host unique content and thus do not have separate SEO rankings.
  4. Usage: They are often used by businesses that want to reserve domain names that are similar to their primary domain, to prevent competitors from registering them, or to capture common misspellings of their primary domain.
  5. Emails: Parked domains generally do not have their own email accounts. Instead, emails sent to addresses at a parked domain are usually redirected to the primary domain’s email system.

What is Addon Domain?

  1. Purpose: An addon domain allows you to host a separate, additional website on your existing hosting account. It functions as a completely independent domain with its own content, email accounts, and databases.
  2. Website Hosting: Unlike parked domains, addon domains are associated with unique website content. Each addon domain can have its own set of web pages, scripts, forums, and more.
  3. SEO Impact: As addon domains host separate content, they are indexed independently by search engines and have their own SEO rankings.
  4. Usage: They are ideal for hosting multiple websites for different projects or businesses under a single hosting account.
  5. Emails: Addon domains can have their own distinct email addresses and mailboxes, separate from the primary domain.

Addon Domain Vs Parked Domain (Key Differences)

  • Functionality: Parked domains are essentially aliases for your primary domain and do not host unique content. Addon domains, on the other hand, are used to host entirely separate websites with their own content.
  • SEO and Content: Addon domains have their own content and are indexed separately in search engines, whereas parked domains do not have unique content and typically redirect to the primary domain.
  • Email Hosting: Parked domains do not usually have separate email services, but addon domains do.
  • Purpose and Use: Parked domains are mainly for domain reservation and brand protection, while addon domains are for managing multiple independent websites under one hosting account.

In summary, parked domains are like placeholders or redirects to your primary site, used for branding or reservation purposes. Addon domains are fully functional, independent websites with their own content, housed under the umbrella of a single hosting account.

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