Which PHP version is best for WordPress

The best PHP version for WordPress is the latest stable version that is officially supported by both WordPress and your web hosting provider. WordPress is constantly evolving, and newer versions typically provide improved performance, security, and compatibility.

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Key Considerations for Choosing PHP Version for WordPress:

  1. WordPress Requirements: WordPress has minimum PHP version requirements. As per the WordPress requirements page, WordPress recommends using PHP version 7.4 or greater. However, always check the latest requirements on the official WordPress website or documentation, as these recommendations are subject to change.
  2. Security and Performance: Newer versions of PHP generally offer better performance and security enhancements. PHP 7.4 and above have significant improvements in terms of speed and resource usage compared to older versions like PHP 5.x or PHP 7.0.
  3. Compatibility with Themes and Plugins: Ensure that your WordPress theme and plugins are compatible with the PHP version you choose. While most actively maintained themes and plugins support newer PHP versions, some might not.
  4. Hosting Environment: Your web hosting service must support the PHP version you intend to use. Most reputable hosting providers keep up with the latest PHP versions and allow you to switch PHP versions via their hosting control panel.
  5. Development and Testing: If you are developing or customizing WordPress themes or plugins, it’s advisable to test them in the same PHP environment that your live site will use.

Recommended Practice:

  • Use the Latest Supported Version: Ideally, use the latest stable PHP version that WordPress supports and that is compatible with your themes and plugins. As of early 2023, this would be PHP 7.4 or higher, with PHP 8.x being preferable if all your themes and plugins are compatible.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly check for updates to PHP, WordPress, and your plugins/themes. Staying updated ensures better security, performance, and access to the latest features.
  • Test Before Updating: Before updating PHP on a live site, test the site in a staging environment with the new PHP version to ensure compatibility and functionality.


The best PHP version for WordPress is the latest stable version that is compatible with your WordPress setup and supported by your hosting provider. As of my last update, PHP 7.4 or higher is recommended, with PHP 8.x being a good choice if compatibility with your site’s specific themes and plugins is confirmed. Always prioritize security, performance, and compatibility when choosing the PHP version for your WordPress site.

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