What is WP-CLI and SSH

WP-CLI, which stands for WordPress Command Line Interface, is a powerful tool that allows you to manage WordPress websites directly from the command line. It’s an efficient way for developers and site administrators to interact with WordPress installations without using the WordPress admin dashboard.

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Key Features and Uses of WP-CLI:

  1. Plugin and Theme Management: Easily install, update, activate, or deactivate plugins and themes.
  2. WordPress Updates: Update WordPress core files to the latest version with a simple command.
  3. Database Management: Perform database operations such as creating backups, optimizing, and querying the database.
  4. User Management: Create, update, and delete user accounts.
  5. Automating Tasks: Automate repetitive tasks like scheduled posts, cron event management, and more.
  6. Developer Tasks: Generate code scaffolds, run debug tasks, and perform many other developer-centric operations.

WP-CLI is particularly useful for those managing multiple WordPress sites, as it streamlines many common tasks and can be incorporated into automated scripts for efficiency.

SSH (Secure Shell)

SSH, or Secure Shell, is a network protocol used to securely access and manage a server remotely. It provides a secure channel over an unsecured network, allowing for safe communication and execution of commands on the server.

Key Aspects of SSH:

  1. Remote Management: SSH allows you to log into and manage a server from a remote location.
  2. Secure Communication: It encrypts the connection between the SSH client (your computer) and the SSH server (your web server), ensuring that all data transferred is secure and protected from eavesdropping.
  3. Command Execution: Execute commands on a remote server as if you were physically present, which is essential for server administration tasks.
  4. File Transfer: SSH also supports secure file transfer protocols like SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) to securely transfer files to and from a server.

Using WP-CLI with SSH:

For WordPress sites hosted on servers where you have SSH access, you can use WP-CLI through an SSH connection. This allows you to manage your WordPress site from the command line securely. For instance, you can log into your server via SSH and then use WP-CLI commands to update plugins, configure settings, or perform backups.


WP-CLI and SSH are essential tools for advanced WordPress management and server administration. WP-CLI provides a streamlined, command-line approach to managing WordPress sites, while SSH offers a secure way to remotely access and manage your server. Together, they empower developers and administrators to efficiently and securely handle website and server maintenance tasks.

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