What is Azure DDoS Protection

Azure DDoS Protection is a service provided by Microsoft Azure to safeguard Azure-hosted applications and services from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. This service is designed to protect the availability, reliability, and security of applications running on Azure.

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Key Features of Azure DDoS Protection

  1. Network Layer Protection: Azure DDoS Protection primarily defends against large-scale network layer (Layer 3) attacks. It automatically mitigates attacks by analyzing traffic and filtering out malicious packets.
  2. Application Layer Protection: While Azure DDoS Protection primarily focuses on network layer attacks, it can be combined with Azure Application Gateway’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) for comprehensive Layer 7 (application layer) protection.
  3. Adaptive Tuning: The service uses adaptive tuning based on Microsoft’s global network intelligence to understand traffic patterns and adjust defenses accordingly.
  4. Always-On Monitoring and Mitigation: Azure DDoS Protection provides continuous traffic monitoring and real-time mitigation of DDoS attacks. There’s no need to manually activate the service in response to an attack.
  5. Integration with Azure Services: The protection extends to all Azure services, including Azure Virtual Networks, with seamless integration.
  6. Attack Analytics: Detailed reports are provided during and after attacks, including insights into the attack traffic and the mitigation actions taken.
  7. Cost Protection: Azure offers cost protection measures to help with financial impacts due to a DDoS attack, such as increased data transfer costs.

Types of Azure DDoS Protection

Azure offers two types of DDoS protection:

  1. Basic: This is automatically enabled for all Azure services. It provides protection against common network layer attacks by always monitoring and mitigating potential threats.
  2. Standard: Offers enhanced DDoS mitigation features for additional security, including adaptive tuning, attack analytics, and integration with Azure Monitor for customized alerting. It’s not enabled by default and incurs additional costs.

Setting Up Azure DDoS Protection

To set up Azure DDoS Protection Standard, you typically need to:

  1. Enable DDoS Protection Standard: Apply it to a virtual network in Azure.
  2. Configure DDoS Protection Policies: Define specific protection policies and rules for your applications.
  3. Monitor and Analyze: Use Azure Monitor and attack analytics to oversee traffic and analyze any attacks.


Azure DDoS Protection is an essential service for businesses and organizations using Azure to host their applications, particularly those requiring high availability and security. It provides robust protection against DDoS attacks with its advanced features, integration capabilities, and Microsoft’s global threat intelligence. For those with significant infrastructure in Azure, it represents a critical layer of defense against increasingly common and sophisticated DDoS threats.

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