How to get a dedicated IP address for my website

Obtaining a dedicated IP address for your website typically involves a straightforward process, but it depends on your web hosting provider and the type of hosting plan you have. Here’s a general guide on how to acquire a dedicated IP:

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Steps to Get a Dedicated IP Address

  1. Check with Your Hosting Provider: Not all hosting providers offer dedicated IP addresses, especially on basic or shared hosting plans. The first step is to contact your hosting provider or check their website to see if they offer dedicated IPs.
  2. Review Hosting Plans: Some hosting providers might only offer dedicated IPs with specific plans, like VPS (Virtual Private Server), dedicated server hosting, or higher-tier shared hosting plans. Ensure your current plan supports a dedicated IP or consider upgrading if necessary.
  3. Request a Dedicated IP: If your hosting provider offers dedicated IPs and your plan supports it, you can usually request one through the hosting provider’s customer portal, support ticket system, or by contacting their customer service.
  4. Cost and Billing: Be aware that dedicated IPs often come with an additional cost. Review the pricing and billing terms for adding a dedicated IP to your hosting plan.
  5. Configuration and Setup: Once the dedicated IP is assigned to your account, you may need to configure your website’s domain settings to point to the new IP address. In many cases, the hosting provider will handle this transition.
  6. DNS Propagation: After the IP change, be aware that DNS propagation can take anywhere from a few hours to 48 hours. During this time, access to your website might be intermittent.

Additional Considerations

  • SSL Certificates: If you’re obtaining a dedicated IP for SSL purposes, ensure you have a valid SSL certificate. Some hosting providers offer SSL certificates as part of the package.
  • IPv4 vs. IPv6: Be clear about whether you’re getting an IPv4 or IPv6 address. IPv4 addresses are more traditional and widely used, but there’s a global shortage. IPv6 addresses are more abundant but ensure that your intended users’ ISPs support IPv6.
  • Justification: Due to the scarcity of IPv4 addresses, some providers may require justification for assigning a dedicated IPv4 address. This is less common with IPv6.


Getting a dedicated IP address usually involves an additional cost and might require upgrading your hosting plan. It’s important to assess whether a dedicated IP is necessary for your website’s needs and to understand any additional responsibilities, such as managing SSL certificates. Once you have a dedicated IP, it can provide benefits like improved email reputation, direct server access, and in some cases, enhanced security for your website.

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